Adventures in Coffee… February Hasbean

My subscription to Hasbean is fantastic. It means I always have coffee and because I’ve been reducing the amount I drink to one or two cups a day it lasts me two weeks!

The coffee I got for February was the Bolivia Finca Canton Uyunese. 


I really enjoyed this coffee. It was smooth and sweet and made a great black coffee from the french press and a slightly more acidic coffee through the filter cone. I think leaving the oils in during the french press brew keeps it slightly more mellow.

The notes said to expect honeydew melon, chocolate and white grapes. I definitely got the sweetness of the melon and the acidity of the grapes, but without reading the notes, I wouldn’t have known these were the flavours coming through. I could do with paying more attention.

I need to get better at watching the In MY Mug videos as drink the coffee each month, but February and March have been crazy busy so I didn’t get the chance. I’ve included the video here for my future reference. I’ll schedule in some time for March’s coffee.

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