Adventures in Coffee… Harrods Continental Blend

My christmas present from my sister was some fantastic coffee from Harrods. Finally someone listened to me when I say if you ever buy me a gift coffee or books are great!


So first up is the Continental blend. This is described as a coffee for daytime drinking, which I would agree with. it’s nice and smooth and creates a lovely crema when brewing over a filter cone. The french press was also a good way to brew this coffee. I didn’t try it as espresso, but I think it wouldn’t have been bold enough.


I enjoyed this coffee black over with milk. It had a nice bite to it and no lingering bitter after taste, so it was great for at work for me.

If this was valuable at my local supermarket I would get it again, but for the cost and the bag being on the small side, it made a nice change, but I’m not worried about having it again.


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