Adventures in Books… Bones of the Lost


Bones of the Lost by Kathy Reichs

“The body of a teenage girl is discovered along a desolate highway on the outskirts of Charlotte. Inside her purse is the ID card of a local businessman who died in a fire months earlier.

Who was the girl? And was she murdered?

Dr Temperance Brennan, Forensic Anthropologist, must find the answers. She soon learns that a Gulf War veteran stands accused of smuggling artefacts into the country. Could there be a connection between the two cases?

Convinced that the girl’s death was no accident, Tempe soon finds herself at the centre of a conspiracy that extends from South America to Afghanistan. But to find justice for the dead, she must be more courageous – and take more extreme action – than ever before.”

I am a big fan of Kathy Reichs. I love the Tempe Brennan books and the TV show Bones. This book was set fully in Charlotte, whereas they normally are set between Montreal and Charlotte. It was interesting to see a more in-depth scene because of it.  I found this story fast paced and thrilling. I also felt the frustration of the main character at not being able to find people or rule them out.

There was a different turn in the middle of the book that saw Tempe going to a war zone to determine if a soldier was telling the truth or not. It was the main element of forensic work. I like the detail that the author puts into the science behind the book. It gives it credibility I feel. This book was lacking in the forensics department more so than others, but I still found it interesting.

The main story arc linked throughout the book and I wish I was better at picking out the early details in the books that get pulled up at the end, but that is probably how the book is supposed to be written. Sometimes I wonder if I have good attention to detail as it doesn’t always feel like it.

Overall I enjoyed this book. I don’t think it’s the best in the series, but as a quick and entertaining read it works well for me. I look forward to seeing the personal relationships develop further as I felt that Tempe and Ryan were left on a bit of a cliff-hanger this time round and I can’t wait to know what happened with them next.

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