Wandering into Skincare

I was going to go budget, but I spoke to a few people including my family and also went into the shops and spoke to a few ladies on the counters and reviewed it all. It is hard with so many different options out there and I had to go with my gut, history, and like of the products.

So I’ve gone back to Clinque.

I used Clinque all through university and can’t remember why I stopped (or even how I afforded it back then) and it worked. I used the anti-blemish system mostly and slowly my skin changed and I became bored, so just stopped replacing it. I’ve really struggled to find a system that suits me or develop my own system. I think this is because I don’t know much about skin and actually cannot be bothered to do the research. I hold my hands up and say I want it easy and spelled out for me what to do and when.

In the last year or so my skin has gradually been getting worse and it wasn’t until I spent half an hour with the lovely Emily at my local Clinque counter in Boots that I realised I was only using 2 steps of a proper routine – the wash and cleanse. No wonder my skin was getting worse and not better. I found some recent samples my mum gave me and started using them to prove to myself it is worth taking the time to do the whole routine. Even then when I went back I realised I wasn’t taking my makeup off properly.

So after some serious budget consideration and tweaking around I invested in the Clinque system. I am currently using:

Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm – to remove my makeup in one step (no separate eye thing needed)


Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Bar – to still tackle my outbreaks on my face, neck and chest


Clarifying Lotion Number 2 – as this was the sample I was using and Emily said stay on it and move only when the tingling feeling disappears, then it’s time to move to number 3)


Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+ – to moisturise and add oil to the areas that need it


Please note I paid for all this myself and am not receiving anything for this review, although did get a free gift outside of bonus time for spending a lot in one hit!

I have also decided to introduce some new skincare guidelines:

  • Limit touching my face to eliminate the amount of oil and dirt I add (hopefully reduce blemishes too)
  • Use a different face cloth every day to avoid the transfer of dirt and oil
  • Clean my makeup brushes every day to remove the makeup and dirt (this is much easier than setting it to once a week for me, and I added new brushes to my ‘to buy’ list)
  • Remove make up when I get home from work and/or before I do exercise
  • Try to have one make up free day a week
  • Change my bed every week (as it’s just me I get a bit random and don’t keep track of this)

The lovely Emily on the counter also advised me to scrub once a week, so I will finish my Lush Ocean Salt scrub and then get the 7 Day Scrub Cream next month when the bonus time comes along as I will also need a new foundation then and fancy trying something else or go back to Benefit, rather than No7.

I’ve already noticed a big difference in the way my skin feels. I’m definitely removing more dirt than previously and it feels smoother. I still get blemishes, but they don’t feel as bad, which I think is a combination of leaving them alone (why is it so hard?) and keeping my skin clean. The moisturiser is also working as with all the swimming I do it was getting so dry so keeping it consistent and well looked after is paying off.

Some things you just have to splash out on to get the benefits you want.

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