Project Lifestyle – March Nutrition Workstream

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I am not a fan of cutting anything out completely from my diet, but chocolate has always been my trigger food. I can eat so much of it I’m sure I would put a chocolate factory out of business (I heard that the Cadburys factory in Birmingham lets you eat the chocolate because you will get sick of it – that probably wouldn’t happen to me).

So I am taking this opportunity to give it up. I am using Lent as a period of time to stick to and get out of the habit of buying it and hopefully make my taste for it disappear. I am cutting out anything chocolate flavoured too. I’ve given the hot chocolate I recently bought to my mum 🙂

Rather than focus on what I am giving up and I focusing on upping my protein. I have already started to eat more chicken, pork and eggs and this last week have added protein powder (using up my chocolate flavour one) and have ordered more to add into my diet. I have already noticed that I don’t get as hungry and when I do get hungry I can see why or know it’s because I’m bored.  I have also upped my fruit and vegetables intake and feel much better for it.

Both of these things came from me attending a couple of Slimming World meetings because a friend from running club runs them and he has done amazing following the plan. I have worked out I cannot afford to attend the meetings as there are other things this month I want to do and buy. However I like the premise about the plan and being able to eat as much free and super free foods and then monitoring the syns (I hate that terminology so much), which means you don’t get hungry but can have a little of something sweet.

However not all of it sits right with me. I won’t cut out bread completely as I love baking it, but I have reduced it down. I also love my morning porridge (Dorset Cereals Proper Raspberry Porridge) and adding oats to yogurt, but all these count as syns. I also find nut butter in small quantities satisfying, so I was always over syns, but I lost weight. So I am doing my own modified version and cutting out the chocolate means I can have the nut butter and protein powders.

I am also using a Fitbook I bought a while ago as a way to write everything down. I think I prefer writing it down by hand, rather than recording it on MFP. However I like that MFP calculates the calories for you so I will continue to use that, but make the extra effort to write it down by hand. I like how it lets me review how I feel and look at my day as a whole. I also like how it records the exercise you do.





So March is about breaking my chocolate habit and upping my protein and fruits and veggies. Simple stuff!

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