Project Lifestyle – February Review

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Please find my full review saved in Google Docs here.

Project update Feb



Overall February has been a learning experience. I haven’t lost weight, but I have lost centemetres from all areas of my body. I also feel better for making some changes to attitude to be more positive. I have decided to keep the project as amber as one fo the key deliverables is not progressing to plan, while others are.

The nurtirion workstream was focusing on continuing to use MFP and look at the foods I’m eating in more detail. I have really struggled to keep using MFP, but have changed my food intake to increase the amount of protein and fruit and veg I am eating. I am going to take this forward in March. I went a long to a couple of Slimming World meeting and they don’t feel right at the moment or fit into my budget, but I like the premise of the eating plan.

The fitness workstream focused on the strength aspect of my workouts and this was a great success. I changed my gym programme and now have two session, once for upper and one for lower body. It feels good and I need ot mix things up more often to keep engaged.

The mental health workstream went okay for this last month. I’ve been keeping busy and doing things and have also made the most of local amenities, like the library. I also volunteered at my work and for a running event and really enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed my coaching course and plan to see if I can help out with the swimming club more.

The social workstream also went well. I stayed to the running club socials that I could and also made the most of other events such as the marshalling and volunteering to chat to people and get to know more people. A few bonus events happened such as having a bike 101 session with some friends from running club and starting swim sessions with my friend Sian.

The career workstream was a difficult one this month. The aim of this workstream is to get to a position where I will be able to progress at the end and I am finding it difficult to see the progress I can make. Some though needs to go back into this workstream.

Overall this month has been a good month. I also took part in the first gala of the year and came away with a gold, two silvers and a bronze. The only event I felt strong in was the 100m fly, but that is more about endurance than speed so that is probably why.
Feb KPIsNext month I am continuing with what I have learnt and refining things that haven’t.

  • Nutrition Workstream will focus on giving up chocolate and upping my protein
  • Fitness Workstream will focus on getting my new bike and the training plan I put in place
  • Mental Health Workstream will focus on dealing with feelings of inadequancy
  • Career Workstream will focus on the report writing aspects of my job and attention to detail
  • Social Workstream will focus on events galore and coping with being busy
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