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It’s taken me a while to think about February’s Career Workstream or at least get some focus on it. I started off wanting to work on my attention to detail and find some tools to help me with that but I’ve struggled. I’ve not been motivated to go above and beyond my normal work load. I have scheduled in extra time to review the reports I produce in my job and plan to review them as though I was reading a book and reading the words for the first time, but I now can’t put that into practice until next month. So I needed to look at something else.

Then it hit me – Work Ethic.

Everyone has a different work ethic and commitment to their jobs. I struggle with comparing myself to other people at work. I haven’t yet learnt to monitor my own performance other than through appraisal systems or from other people’s feedback. I want to develop a improved work ethic where I am happy with my own performance and stop comparing myself to others.

But first of all I needed to do some research on work ethic and different styles.

“Work ethics pertain to a person’s attitudes, feelings and beliefs about work. The state of a person’s work ethic determines how that person relates to occupational responsibilities such as goal-setting, accountability, task completion, autonomy, reliability, cooperation, communication,honesty, effort, timeliness, determination, leadership, volunteerism and dedication. A strong work ethic – one that encompasses a positive and productive approach to work – is favored in the work force.” Wiki How

I have a strong work ethic:

  • I like to do a good, or excellent even, job

  • I like to meet all deadlines in plenty of times

  • I like to look for ways to improve or make myself more efficient

  • I like to help others

  • I don’t like leaving things unfinished

  • I like to be proactive (but it’s something I would like to improve upon)

  • I don’t like wasting time (I will find something to do at all times)

  • I don’t like doing things without knowing the value they will provide

  • I like to responsible for my work

  • I like to receive feedback as long as it is constructive

  • I like to be engaged in my work

  • I like to be challenged to try new things

  • I’m not afraid to ask for help and support

  • I prefer to work alone, but as part of a wider team (I like to own my role and be clear about what I do and how it adds value)

  • I like to be organised and prepared

  • I like to plan ahead and be prepared for work coming my way

  • I like to have to do list that I can cross things off of

  • I like to catch up with people while making tea

  • I like meetings to be focused and prepared

  • I don’t like unclear instructions

  • I like to do the best i can do with the time I have

However there are times I feel lazy or like I’m not doing enough work. I will often have a word document open to get out my thoughts or write things that end up being blog posts while in work at my desk. It feels as though I’m doing something, yet I feel guilty about doing it as know there must be something work related I should be doing. I have to remember that I have only been in my job a few months. I don’t know everything and I’m definitely still be over cautious in my approach. However I can’t keep on waiting for work to come to me. I have to take the initiative and make my own.

I decided to take another look at the values my organisation wants from it’s employees:

  • Love Places

  • Share Our Common Purpose

  • Inspire People

  • Think Long Term

Looking at these made me think again. I value these things and the additional details provided. I do some better than others and there are definitely things that are not my strong points, but I don’t disagree with them.  So what I am going to do is print off the values and behaviours and work through them and provide examples for each and improvement ideas for going forward. This will span over a few months most likely and are really what I am going for this year in the Project Lifestyle. I would like to get to the end of the project knowing I can demonstrate all of the values and behaviours so when my contract is nearing an end I’ll be able to apply for new roles and hopefully higher roles with confidence.

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