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Code by Kathy and Bendan Reichs

“Life appears peaceful on Loggerhead Island – rescued from financial disaster, the research institute is flourishing once more. But the tranquillity is quickly shattered when Tory Brennan and her technophile gang discover a mysterious box buried in the ground.

A seemingly innocent treasure hunt soon turns into a nightmarish game of puzzles, as it becomes clear that one false move will lead to terrible, explosive consequences.

The clock is ticking. Can Tory and the Virals crack the code in time to save the city – and their own lives?”

This is the third book in the Virals series by Kathy Reichs and Brendan Reichs. I borrowed this book from the library (after replacing my lost library card). I enjoyed the book, but not as much as the previous two. It just didn’t capture me as well as the previous books. I think it is because there wasn’t much about where the series is going, just occasional mentions of finding a cure.

The story was an interesting one. It’s really geocaching gone wrong.  Tory and her friends find a box that leads them on a deadly game.  We got to know the characters a bit more in this book and saw a bit more of their daily lives. We also got to see how they reacted to being threatened and cope under stress. I liked the pace of the book, although I did feel it went a bit back and forth moving between locations very quickly. I didn’t really get a good sense of time from the book though and seeing as there were time limits placed on the clues they find, I didn’t feel it was urgent until the last minute. Something just didn’t work for me with this book.

Overall it was a fast and fun read. I’m looking forward to the next one as I hope it will tell us more about what Tory and her friends have become and if there is a cure.

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