Triathlon Level 1 Coaching Course

I spent the weekend in Bristol on a Triathlon England Triathlon Level 1 Coaching course and absolutely loved it. It’s been fun helping out the running club with swimming, so when Triathlon England’s South West office offered the club a free place on the course I jumped at the chance (I was also the only one to put my name forward) and I’m very glad I did.


I haven’t officially coached anyone or anything before so I was very nervous. As a lifeguard I helped with the gymnastic lessons (random I know) and also with swimming occasionally, but hadn’t considered getting a qualification before (now I would love to doing a swimming course).

It was an early set off to Bristol as I don’t like being late and ended up being super early as it didn’t take as long as I thought it would to get there. We spent the morning getting to know each other (course participant bingo is a great ice breaker!) and what we would be doing through the rest of the course. We started by getting the theory out of the way to be able to get to the coaching parts of the course.

Saturday afternoon was spent doing a bit of theory on coaching running then splitting into two groups with the tutors and coaching each other in running. We did things like drills and pace. It was good fun and a good workout – it was pretty much 2 hours of either standing and coaching or running around being coached.


The Sunday was spent the same as the Saturday afternoon, but with cycling in the morning and swimming in the afternoon. I am most confident on the swimming, then the run then lastly the cycling. This is totally based on my current knowledge of each aspect, but I learnt a lot and would like to apply the confidence and ease I felt while on the poolside to the running and cycling.

I also took the opportunity to ask and learn about cycling and bikes. Part of the course requires certain knowledge about bikes and advising people with bike questions, so this was perfect and meant I could go bike shopping the next day with confidence (post on that coming tomorrow!)


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