Project Lifestyle – February Social Workstream

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From my blog you can probably tell I struggle with being social. I find it so draining, but I have been noticing how it makes my mood feel, rather than physically. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of my local swimming and running clubs and I want to become a known member. This has been happening on it’s own over the last few months as I’ve been helping with the swimming sessions the running club is doing. So this month I am making a conscious effort to get to running and swimming club sessions as well as other activities that are happening.

This month I already have planned:

  • Marshalling the new club running event The Lungbuster (you can still sign up on the day!)

  • Staying after Wednesday night club runs for a drink and chat

  • Helping with the running club triathlon sessions (and do the coaching course)

  • The first swimming gala of the year (if there is enough people for a team as it’s half term)

Another goal of mine is to learn more names. I now know a lot of people by sight, but can’t remember their names. So I’ll be getting on facebook and looking at the running group in order to learn names of people I know – I feel so bad, but it has to be done!

A few people have also commented to me recently that I’m always smiling, which has been so nice. I don’t feel like a smiley person, but I am interested in lots of things and as I get to know people it is easier to be interested in them, so maybe that’s it. Also just joining in and being present is a big part, and that is easier for me when it’s already attached to something I’m doing. Going to the pub to meet the club on a Saturday is still a stretch for me, but I’ll get there bit by bit.

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