Project Lifestyle – February Fitness Workstream

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My fitness routine over the last month has been lacking one thing – strength training!

I’ve got my cardio and endurance down with the swimming, running and the odd Body Combat class, but I don’t think a weekly Body Balance class is enough to build my strength. So February is all about getting back to the gym and getting my lifting in.

My current twice weekly  gym circuit  routine goes like this:

  • Warm Up

  • Knee Dip Shoulder Press with Bar – currently using 15kg and doing 16 reps (2 sets)

  • Split Squat with dumbbells – currently using 2x8kg and doing 16 reps each side (2 sets)

  • Burpees – currently doing 10 reps (2 sets)

  • Assisted Pull Up – currently using 60kg support and doing 10-12 reps (2 sets)

  • Pushups on gym ball – currently doing 16  (2 sets)

  • Step jumps – currently doing 12

  • Pass Over with gym ball with reach – currently doing 10

  • Side crunches on gym ball – currently doing 10 each side

  • Knee curl with gym ball – currently doing 12

  • Plank on gym ball – currently holding for 35 seconds

  • Plank ups – currently doing 5 each side

  • Cool down and stretch

I want to learn a bit more about why strength training is important this month. It is easy to think cardio is better and burns more calories, but I find with swimming my body is used to it and I don’t agree with my MFP always tells me about the calories I burn doing this. For me I currently know that strength training makes me feel good and strong, even if I’m having a hard session, I feel good after. It definitely has that post workout high that other activities don’t always have. But other than that I know very little, so I plan to find out more. My main sources of interest will be Jillian Michaels and The New Rules of Lifting for Women (something I tried to do, but didn’t stick to it).

I also want to learn about recovery and if protein is really for me. So I’ll be testing out a few things over the month and sharing what I learn along the way.

I will also be buying a road bike this month, but as I have to order it I think cycling will the focus on March 🙂

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