Project Lifestyle – February Nutrition Workstream

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This month is simple really as I am continuing the tracking theme of January, but also looking more closely at what the foods I eat are made up of. I don’t plan on making any changes yet, but want to understand if I’m eating more carbohydrates than protein and where the fat in my diet is coming from. I also want to look at sugar, fibre and salt, just to see how I currently fare. Based on what I find out from this month I will then look at the changes I would like to make after that.

To continue with the tracking I started last month I am looking at keeping within my calorie budget. I want to stay around the recommend 1740 every day, but if I have exercised allow flexibility when required, but fill it with high healthier snack (something I need to plan for). I really want to focus on creating calorie deficits this month in order to lose weight, so I am jumping on Sarah McGee’s wagon and will track every day for the next 12 weeks – even if I have a binge!

This month I am also making a focused effort to track through the weekends, which are my major falling down points. I get to Friday evening and it all goes wrong because I ignore what I am doing. I’m testing out a weekend strategy to try to help with this and will monitor it through the month.

If you want to become my friend on My Fitness Pal find me with username angietanner and we can help motivate each other 🙂

There is also some research I want to do this month related to the types of foods I eat and when. I think my aim of this workstream is to come up with a personalised nutrition plan that works for my goal to lose weight and then can be changed to maintaining weight. I want to learn what personal trainers and dietitians know about foods and composition of meals and apply it in a personalised way. I’ve spent a long time following someone else’s plan, that it is now time to come up with my own. My starting point is the NHS guidelines and I will work out from there. I will let you know how this develops over the coming weeks and months.

February seems quite a short month and there is a lot I want to do just on this workstream!

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