2014 Triathlons and Planning

A month of 2014 has already passed and I am only just thinking about my training plan. I have been researching bikes and hope to order my new one next week once I’ve navigated the cycling lingo and make sure I get a good deal. I am going to be sharing a lot about my journey to triathlete as I am learning as I go. I’m going to be brutally honest all the way through.

My first honest confession is to do with cycling – I have no idea what I am doing!

I have no idea

Honestly no clue at all! I know I can cycle, but ask me to name something on a bike and I’m a complete girl. This is something I plan on changing this year!

So the training plan is going to build on everything I already do, but with extra effort going into the cycling aspect of my training. I’m going to come up with more of plan, once I have my bike. For the time being I am going to carry on with my running and swimming and add some strength and cross training in the mix as well.

I’ve signed up for two triathlons in May! Which is only 14/15 weeks away, so I need to get my act together.

I am taking part in my town’s first triathlon the Royal Wootton Bassett Triathlon. It is a 400m pool swim, 12 mile bike and a 5k run.

The other one I am going to do is the super sprint version of my first Triathlon last year – the Cotswold Super Sprint Triathlon. It is a 400m lake swim, a 20km bike, and a 5km run.

I am planning on doing another one in June and then in September, to bring my total to four. I’ve thought about more, but I like that these are all local. I also want to do some swimming and running events, and I don’t have an unlimited funds to enter events, so I am focusing on these and if I can do more it will be a bonus!

I’m working on my plan and will post more on that soon!

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