Adventures in Tea… Asiatica Flowering Tea

I’ve decided to turn my Tuesday evening in to Green Tea Tuesdays. I have a lot of green tea, but don’t make the time to drink it. I’m not a fan during the day as I love normal tea or coffee for a caffeine boost. So on Tuesday evenings I have time before I go to swimming club to make a proper pot of green tea and sit down and enjoy it. So last week I used the flowering green tea I got for Christmas from Asiatica from Canada.


I was give the Transcending Beauty which is described as careful, romantic, just and fair. It is made with Jasmine Green tea and lily flowers.


It always makes me laugh that they come in mushroom shapes and don’t loo very appealing, but as soon as you pop it into boiling water it comes to life.


The green peals away and exposes the beautiful red flower inside.


It created a lovely jasmine green tea, with a floral edge to it. It was lovely green tea colour, but again with a pink tinge from the flower, which made it different from plain jasmine teas. I enjoyed this tea and now need to find somewhere in the UK that sells these types of teas.


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