Struggling with Morning Workouts

Double Post Day!

I used to be a morning workout person. I would get up at the weekend no problem and head to the pool. At university for my Masters I got up 6 days a week and either went swimming or running.

Why am I struggling now?


I have gotten into the habit of working out in the evenings. I go to running club in the evenings. Swimming club during the week is in the evening. Exercise classes are only in the evening. I’m just out of practice I think. It also doesn’t help that this time of year it feel like it is always dark.

But the gym is open and I need to get my strength workouts in. I wish it opened earlier so it didn’t feel quite such a rush to get in, out and ready for work and car share pick up.

So I’ve come up with some tricks I need to start doing to help me out:

  1. Get my work bag ready the night before, including lunch and breakfast to take to work
  2. Get my clothes (work and gym) ready the night before.
  3. Schedule it in and allow some getting up time (for a cup of tea of course)
  4. As reward chose something to get when I have completed a month’s worth of workout – if I miss one I start again
  5. Go to bed earlier and shut the TV/laptop/phone off
  6. Don’t over schedule myself at the weekends – allow a day for me (nap if needed)

Some things to consider over time:

  1. Ask the gym trainers if I can split my strength workout into lower and upper body for shorter workouts and get help doing it for an effective workout
  2. Maybe sign up to Pact to keep me motivate.
  3. Can I find a home workout to do in winter?

So as a supplement to my January Fitness Workstream I am committing to get up every day this last week of the month and workout. I will be aware I will be more tired and plan to stay in so that I can go to bed when I need to. I will also allow time at the weekend to nap and rest.  It’s going to mean being a bit selfish, but that goes hand in hand with my no spend  month for February, so it makes sense to make the most of a gym membership I already pay for for my exercise classes, so might as well use it for the gym.

Wish me luck!

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