Adventures in Coffee… December Hasbean

I’m a bit behind on my coffee subscription. I want to get to the place where I open the coffee the week it arrives and then maybe in the future I will get to the point where I can justify trying the weekly subscription and be in line with the In My Mug videos and be able to try the coffees as they come out.

So in January I received a bag of Columbia Finca Los Laureles Washed Caturra.


This is a new coffee to the site, so I was excited to try it.  The description pulls out plums, black cherries, and red grapes as well as red apple sweetness. . I enjoyed this coffee mainly using a french press. I found it had a an interesting taste, which was calmed by adding milk. There was an interesting aftertaste that lingered after finishing each cup. I had mixed feelings about this, there was something that didn’t sit well, which is surprising as based on the description it would be one I would chose. Maybe it had something to do with the processing method, which I am still learning about.


I also tried it using my espresso machine and found it an interesting shot. It was quite strong, but not as lingering this ay. When added to hot milk it was mellowed and work better for me served this way.

I always find the videos extremely interesting to find out more about the coffees I’m trying, and I found this fact interesting – the coffee is sun dried in a greenhouse. I feel about of date on these things though, so I want to get myself back being more in time.

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