Buying a Garmin

I’ve ummed and ahhed about buying GPS watch for a the last year or so. I have a Polar Heart rate Monitor and a Poolmate and now a Nike Fuelband. I also have Ki Fit stashed in a drawer (it requires a subscription so is staying there). I’ve looked at various models from the cheaper version to the top of the line, triathlon, multi-sport, measure-every-metric-you-can-think-of versions. I’ve also taken advice from my running club.

I’m not a super duper sporty competition person, but I do love to know how I’m progressing and at the moment with running especially I have no idea how I’m doing, only that it feels hard. My running club have decided to do a paced session once a month, where we get into smaller groups and run at an average pace. The first one was great. I found it hard as there was a big hill in the middle and I always slow down and find it hard to recover, but I made it round in under an average of 12 minutes (11.47 average per mile to be exact). I loved knowing I can achieve this and part this year’s running goals for me as part of Project Lifestyle is to beat my times.

So as it was my birthday this month I’ve decided to use the money I got from my parents and a little bit of savings and purchase a Garmin – the Forerunner 310TX.


I had a good look around and got advice and this one worked out the best option for me. I looked at the 910TX, but decided that £150 more it was too much for too little extra. I’ve read the reviews and know that GPS is not great at open water (I won’t use it in the pool as I have a Poolmate for that), but it will give me an idea at least. I also saw a tip for wearing it in your swimming hat, rather than on your wrist, so might give it a go. The bonus is I can use it for running and cycling, rather than get two different ones. I’m not worried about the other cycling metrics, but having good data on speed and distance will be great. This also means I don’t need to carry my phone to track. I probably will carry my phone for emergencies, but I can put it more securely than in a pocket. Another great thing is that I’ll be able to monitor my pace/distance/speed as I go, which is something I don’t do with my phone as I don’t like carrying it my hand in case I drop it or trip over.

So I’ve ordered it from and cannot wait for it to arrive. I’ll do another post when I’ve gotten some got sessions out of it and let you know how I get on!

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