Project Lifestyle – January Fitness Workstream

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The fitness workstream of Project lifestyle is to help continue to make activity an important part of my life. I want to be known as an active person and be able to try new activities as they present themselves. So this month it is about committing to the clubs I’m part of and linking the amount of activity I do to my nutrition by monitoring my energy levels. I’ve also got a new toy to help me along.

I love a good fitness gadget. I love data. The problem is using that data to motivate and encourage, rather than get bogged down in too much information. I loved my Ki Fit, but I didn’t use it correctly and therefore did not get the best from it or the results I wanted.


So my sister and I got a Nike Fuelband each from our parents and I’ve been tracking all my fuel and keeping myself active using it. I’m using the target set when I set up the band to get me going and then will adjust to push myself a bit harder over time. I’ll update on how this goes at the end of the month, but so far I’ve found these pros and cons:



Simple to use with a focus to keep moving, especially at the office

Can’t wear swimming (big part of my activity) and no way to add fuel to count it

iPhone compatible

Doesn’t easily correlate to calories

Can compete/motivate my sister

Doesn’t link with other apps or gadgets I own

Doesn’t easily correlate to calories

Like I said I am focusing on recommiting to my normal activities this month. I’ve let swimming and running slide a bit the last few months and I really want to get back into good habits. So I’ve set myself the goal of running every session this month – thats 8 sessions. I want to do the same for swimming so that is 12 sessions to aim for (I’ve already missed the one on the 5th and the 12th). Sometimes I just have to force myself to keep doing something to get over the ‘getting back into it’ phase which can be hard and frustrating. I know I’ve lost fitness and strength, so it is always hard to start again (that is what it feels like at least), so I am going to get over that hump in January and then focus on something else after.

I’ve been struggling in the mornings so far this month, which means I haven’t re-committed to getting to the gym and doing my strength exercises. I want to add this in my the end of the month, so will update on that as well. I am getting to Body Balance and Body Combat, so overall I am feeling good, but I know adding strength back in will improve that. I wish there was a Body Pump session at a convenient time as I really miss that class.

Overall I want to build a better attitude to activity and this workstream over the project is intended to build that. I want it to be a big part of my life, where people associate me with being active and fit and strong. In order to do that I need to get active, fit, and strong and feel it.  I’m tracking a number of aspects to measure my progress with my fitness journey, such as the fuel I earn. I’m also tracking my calories and heart rate using my Polar Heart Rate Monitor. I using using Strava to measure my running speed and distance and will start using my Poolmate swimming watch to do the same for swimming.  I’ll update you on how these develop at the end of the month too!

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