Project Lifestyle – January Social Workstream

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I’m not great in social situations. There is a relationship between the amount of people and how uncomfortable I feel. I’ve let be frustrating and stressed over it, but this year I just want to be content with who I am and that mean embracing the social situations I enjoy and not worrying about missing the ones I don’t.

So bookclubs are my go to social event for January. I am going to make sure these happen and that I go to both the one with my friends and the one in work.

I just finished Snow White Must Die for my friend one, but am yet to start one for work as they go off the Richard and Judy list.

There are lots of books I already want to read this year! Hopefully I’ll get to read some as part of the bookclubs. So here are some at the top of my list for 2014:

I’ve also got a number of book I’ve been sent in the last few months I need to read:

I’m sure there are thousands of books I would love to read, but I want to focus on reading my favourite authors,  what bookclubs are reading, and the 8 classics I’ve challenged myself to read. I’ve set a smaller reading challenge for my on Goodreads, compared to last year as there is just not enough time in the day to read like I used to.

I’ll update at the end of the month on how both of these went and of course on the books as well!

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