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snow white must die


‘On a wet November day, Detectives Pia Kirchoff and Oliver von Bodenstein are summoned to the scene of a mysterious accident. A woman has fallen from a bridge onto the motorway below. It seems that she may have been pushed. The investigation leads them to a small town near Frankfurt, and the home of the victim, Rita Cramer. On a September evening eleven years earlier, two seventeen-year-old girls, Laura and Stefanie (also known as Snow White), vanished without trace from this same village. In a trial based entirely on circumstantial evidence, Stefanie’s boyfriend, handsome and talented, Tobias Sartorius, was sentenced to ten years in prison. He has now returned to his home in an attempt to clear his name. Rita Cramer is his mother. In the village, Pia and Oliver encounter a wall of silence. But when another young girl goes missing, the events of the past repeat themselves in a disastrous manner. The investigation turns into a dramatic race against time, because for the villagers, there is soon no doubt as to the identity of the perpetrator. And this time they are determined to take matters into their own hands.’

I really enjoyed this book. I enjoy reading crime books and I don’t know why I don’t read that many. I think there are quite a few coming up on my work bookclub list so that will be good. I enjoyed the premise of this book and the idea that a small town would close ranks to protect their own intrigues me. From the surface i didn’t know which characters to trust or dislike. From the point of view of Pia, the detective, you had to work it out with her speed and senses and I liked that. From the point of view of Tobias there is confusion. He doesn’t know whether he was to blame or not.

The pace of the book was good. I was drawn in and read it in a matter of days. The style was easy to read, even though it’s been translated from German, and it flowed well and I thought very well written. The way the author told the story was an interesting mix of present and flash backs. (This is my attempt at making sure I cover more aspects of book reviewing, so it may take a while to come to me).

I really enjoyed the story arch of the characters caught up in the crime, but also of Pia and Oliver, the detectives and their world. Delving into the lives of people makes the characters more real. Not everything revolved around the current situation and I find it interesting to see the relationships between people.  I would like to read more of the series, once they are published in the UK.

My bookclub also read this book, so I’ll update this post when I hear back from them.

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