Project Lifestyle – Starting Update

Project Lifestyle – Starting Update

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

Here is my first update for Project Lifestyle. I’ve baselined all the KPIs I can and will update them each month.

I’m using my blog and my readers as stakeholders so I am sharing all the information I deem appropriate and the full Monthly Update Document can be found in my Google Drive here.

I’ve taken a snapshot of the summary page and will do this every month for a quick visual where I will share the progress summary and story. The full Milestones, Finances, Ricks and KPIs are all in the full document.
20131231 SummaryIt’s been interesting and disappointing to baseline my weight and measurements. I really thought I was getting somewhere then I let go at Christmas and have to start all over again. another goal I will add for next Christmas is to enjoy, but not indulge!

This has been a good month to start a project as I was able to get a new fitness gadget for Christmas (Nike Fuelband) and get new workout clothes in the sales for my birthday.

The downside is that at this time of year everyone is on a health kick so the gym tends to get busier. On the plus side everyone is motivating each other, it is just keeping that motivation up into February that is the problem for most people.

I’m looking forward to seeing the changes in my KPIs over the year and excited I can share my journey on my blog with my lovely readers.

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