Project Lifestyle – The Project Plan

Project Lifestyle – The Project Plan

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The final part of planning is complete and I’m up and rolling with Project Lifestyle.

The full Project Plan can be found on my Google Drive here.

Here is a snap shot of the tasks for January. I am focusing on tasks and milestones I can track, rather than weight or fitness KPIs.  It’s colour coded so it’s easy for me to see what I’m doing.
Project planI’ve chosen Janaury’s focus areas for the workstreams and those posts will be going up throughout the month. I’m going to start each one at the beginning of the month, but they may adapt as time moves forward and I learn more as well.

So first up its:

  • Nutrition – a focus on using My Fitness Pal
  • Fitness – a focus on my Christmas present Nike Fuelband
  • Career – a focus on my new job and development
  • Mental Health – a focus on CBT and the tools I’m using
  • Social – a focus on the bookclubs I enjoy

The specifics of plan will adapt and change with time, but the structure will remain constant. I have set out the minimum I plan to do, so there may be more than one post on a workstream depending on what I’m learning each month.

I’d love to hear your comments on my project. I feel quite excited about it and nervous about keeping it going for the year, but I am determined. This will be the focus on my blog for 2014, but there will of course still be adventures in coffee and books a long the way too!


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