Project Lifestyle – The Comms Plan

Project Lifestyle – The Comms Plan

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All my communication will be through my blog. I want to be kept accountable along the way and report in a consistent way all the way through. I also want to make sure I’m focusing on what is important to me.

Something that has stuck with me from the last year is the idea of spinning plates. Some we can keep spinning with the occasional push and it keeps it going. Other aspects nee constant attension otherwise they fall off. This is how I feel about my lifestyle at the moment and that is why I’ve decided to focus on the five wrosktreams and have a monthly project review.

Monthly Project Lifestyle Specific Posts:

  1. Mental Health Focus
  2. Nutrition Workstream Focus
  3. Career Workstream Focus
  4. Fitness Workstream Focus
  5. Social Workstream Focus
  6. Monthly Review

I will also do a 3 month, 6 month, and 9 month review followed by a year total project review. I want to stay on top of finances and timescales and will be flexible within my work stream focuses to adapt them as required to suit the need at the time.

Other blog posts will continue as normal, but may be slightly less of them. I aim to do at least one of these a month:

  • Adventures in Coffee
  • Adventures in Books
  • Wanderings Close to Home

I want to remember that life is a journey and every day is an adventure. Projects are temporary but the changes and benefits that some from them can be long lasting and wide spread.

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