Project Lifestyle – The Goals and KPIs

Project Lifestyle – The Goals and KPIs

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I have a number of goals I want to achieve through this project:

  • I want to wear a dress to the running club christmas party
    • either fitting into one of my Coast ones or a new one
  • I want to wear a dress to work in summer
  • I want to have completed 4 triathlons
    • 400m 20km 5km
    • 3 of 750m 20km 5km
  • I want to lose 3 stone (42lbs) using MFP and Exercise with Nike Fuelband and understanding my binge eating
  • I want to fit back into several items of clothing which I was in at my lowest weight of 12st 7lbs
    • Oasis Coat
    • Next Boyfriend Jeans
    • Coast Purple Flower Dress
    • Purple Suede Jacket
  • I want to beat my club gala times at swimming and do the 800m Free with tumble turns
  • I want to take part in more shorter distance club champ runs and beat my times of the ones I did in 2013 (specific goals to follow)

I’m going to measure my success using my project plan and a number of Key Performance Indicators:

  • Feeling – word and score
  • Measurements
    • Weight
    • Chest
    • Thigh
    • Arm
    • Legs
    • Hips
    • Clothes Size
  • Photographs – in clothes that don’t currently fit
  • Fitness
    • Running – distance and time to get speed
    • Swimming – distance and time to get speed
    • Cycling – distance and time to get speed
    • Gym
    • Classes
    • Heart rate
    • Calories Burned
  • Nike Fuelband Data
  • My Fitness Pal for calories consumed

I am also going to review everything I’m doing outside of those KPIs as success cannot always be measured:

  • I am going to do a Level 1 Triathlon Coaching Course – funded by Tri England South West!
  • I am going to the London Coffee Festival and the Cheltenham Literary Festival.
  • I am going to learn about coffee and coffee brewing specifically. I want to become more of a coffee snob!
  • I am going to learn all about project management and come up with the development plan so my next job can be as a project manager.
  • I want to make the most of what I already have in my life, rather than be consumed with wanting new things. I want to use what I’ve learnt into 2013, specifically through the CBT, to keep learning about myself and making the changes I want to make, while learning to love who I am.

I am also going to make sure I reward my efforts along the way. I will also include smaller things that don’t cost money or little money such as the things I wrote about here.

  • New Bike – February
  • Lake Membership – March/April
  • New workout clothes – Summer
  • Flat knee length boots for work – October
  • Something special for my 30th in January 2015
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