New Years Eve in an Envelope

Rin over at Papered Thoughts put a request out on her blog last month to take part in a && A Happy New Year and I jumped at the chance to take part. I really want to get more creative and send more letters so this was perfect.

The first task was to send New Years Eve in an Envelope!

I admit I struggled with this task as New Years Eve is not a big night for me. I could easily stay in and watch TV like any night – although Jools Hootenanny is always fun to watch!

I was paired with the lovely Jenny from La La Dandy. I sent her an envelope before Christmas and hers to me arrived Christmas Eve and was an early present – Its AMAZING!


First up Jenny sent a box, not an envelope and I opened to find a banner that hits close to home right now. Super thoughtful and amazingly creative.


The box came full of little pockets of things. It was like a glittery treasure hunt.


Also Jenny included a lovely letter describing her ideal New Year and what she included in the box.


A huge thank you to Jenny – I am stepping up my game for Task Two!


I’ve hung the banner in my kitchen to remind me everyday through 2014!


I’ve placed the lovely handmade cards in my window with the bag of goals Jenny set, which I will also be taking on in my project.


Goal 1 – Embrace my friendships.


Goal Two – Be wiser about how I spend my money.


Goal Three – Be more present.


I’m keeping them in the bag they came in with the animals so to remind myself of some important values I would like to improve upon like Jenny.


My envelope was full of colour, but for some reason I stopped taking photos once i got gaining putting it together after I set up the one below.


I want to add more colour to my life to including a letter on multi coloured paper made sense to me. I also included a postcard that said,  ‘Save Water and Drink Champagne’.


As crafty as I get was including glittery stars. I hope they arrived still stuck to the paper (I’ve bought better glue for task two).


For me New Year is about reflecting on the year just gone and thinking about things I want to change or improve for the new year. I don’t like to think of them as resolutions as I like to keep them adaptable. I am also a big fan of lists so when I found these sheets on the Moleskine website I printed off several copies and also some playing cards to send over. I included a version on mine that show the things I want to do in 2014, such as explore locally and read some classics.


The second sheet was thinking about the year ahead and making sure there is something every month to look forward. I want to start 2014 knowing that there are things that are going to make it a good year. Even if things get thrown at us a long the way I have something every month to take me away.


Another huge thanks to Jenny for her amazing envelope! I am truly grateful for the effort you put in and I am going to return it way more than on the first task on my send envelope, which is much more something I feel good about sending. The second task resonates with me so much I can’t wait to sit down this weekend and put it all together!

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