Introducing Project Lifestyle!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking this last month or so. I’ve had an amazing year. I met some goals and I didn’t meet others. I did some things I never thought I would do and probably won’t do again. I’ve had good days and bad days. I’ve found out a lot about myself. It’s been a year to work on my mental health and I feel good about that. However I’ve not become the person I want to be. Don’t get me wrong I’m not having an extreme makeover or personality change, but rather the life I’ve been waiting to lead once I’ve lost weight, once I’m a size 12… you know the drill.

Now I want to start living and loving the life I’ve been waiting for. I’m not going to wait any longer I am just starting to live it.

Project Lifestyle Purple Cover

Introducing Project Lifestyle!

The next year of my life I am going to treat like a project and manage it like I would a project at work. It takes work to make and embed any change, whether that is in an organisation or in your own life. I like the structure project management offers so I have spent the last two weeks planning it out.

A year seems like a long time, but in reality it flies by. I don’t want to go another year thinking I haven’t tried as hard as I wanted to. I’m not focusing all on the destination, but rather the journey to get to where I want to be and then go from there. There are some significant changes I want to make in my life and I need structure and accountability to embed them and live them. I want to change the shape of my values so I can live them without being conflicted by old or learned values.

I won’t deny I want to lose weight and increase my fitness, but I believe now I have to find the balance across my life in order to make changes that allow me to keep it off and improve. So I am also focusing on my mental health, my career, and my social life. I think bringing a balance across all and determining what is important to me and what is not will create a me I am content with. There may be things I want to change along the way or in the future and that is okay. Life is a Journey!

I was looking for a project name, but couldn’t come up with anything that encapsulated what I want to do. I don’t want to use the words transformation or improvement as I want to be happy at every step of the journey. It is about making changes but I also believe I’ve learnt a lot already. I then thought of using innovative, in the sense it is a word associated with initiation and foundation. But then I thought that is only for right now while I’m starting out. So I stayed with simple lifestyle. I want to change aspects of it, but not others. I also know it could change along the way and I want to be open to opportunities as they happen.

So over the next week I will be showing my plan and breaking it down into management sections. I’ll be project reporting all year with Key Performance Indicators showing a variety of measurements.

So I hope you will join me on my project to see how I go and cheer me on!

All my project documents can be found on my Google Drive here.

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