A Look Back at 2013

Another year has flown by!

Before I start looking forward at what I want to do in 2014 I want to look back at all the things I did this year. It’s had it’s ups and downs and I’ve wandering a windy path.

Moving into My House

  • I love my house and I am so glad I did it. It’s been harder financially than I thought, but that goes with changing jobs twice. It is so nice to have my own space to do what I want with. It also works for my introverted nature of needing to recharge by being alone. I do wonder if I’ll ever be able to live with anyone.

My First Triathlon

  • A huge achievement for me, and even more so knowing I did most of it with a broken big toe! I got nervous after, but did help out at another one as well as a swimming event, but I want to take part in more in 2014.

My First Five Mile Run

  • A big thing for me and my first running club event. I was nervous and worried leading up to it, but knowing I wasn’t last helped a lot.

My First (and only) Half Marathon

  • I still can’t believe I did this. I didn’t think I trained enough or put enough effort in losing weight to be able to do this, but through sheer determination I made it round and am happy with that.

My First (and only) Tough Mudder

  • This was hell. I’m glad I can say I’ve done one, but I don’t think I will ever do another one.

My First 10k race

  • This was hard, but I’m glad I did it and this is now a baseline for future running events. This will be my long distance I think.

Working Through my 29 by 29 List

  • It’s been nice to refocus on goals and see how things change through the year. I won’t get them all done, but I made good progress through many and have valid reasons for not doing others.

Visiting Ingrid in Portugal

  • My only trip abroad in the year and it was great. I wouldn’t haven’t chosen it as a place to visit if Ingrid hadn’t been there, so it was a nice surprise. We got to explore and go port tasting.

Coffee, lots of Coffee

  • It’s been a good year for coffee and I’ve really got into making my own at home in a variety of ways. Next year I would like to learn more about the technical side of coffee brewing.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • This has been fantastic and I urge anyone who needs help to ask for this through their doctor. I have had a fantastic therapist who I felt comfortable with straight away and was flexible with me and my work schedule. I haven’t really shared much about it on here, but I plan to do some posts on the tools I’m using.

Books, lots of Books!

  • It’s been an interesting year for books. I started with the goal to read more classics and then just didn’t. My world got taken over with commuting and audiobooks became the best thing in my life. Now I’m not longer commuting i have to make time to read and I am finding it a bit hard.

Baking Bread

  • I didn’t bake as much as I wanted, but I did start to work through my bread book that was sent to be by the lovely Steph during Foodie Penpals. I plan on carrying this on into the next year.


  • This last year has been great for penpals. I have my friend Ingrid. I also write to another friend Jessica. Then I made friends through my blog and twitter and foodie penpals. I also got to meet up with the lovely booklover Sheli earlier this month after emailing for most of the year. My blog has open up lots of different things for me this year and it is great!

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