Missing My 2013 Reading Challenge

I’m disappointed that this year I won’t have finished enough books to meet my GoodReads Challenge.

I’ve had a good go, but will be a few books short this year. It’s been hard to get a lot of reading in this year. I started out wanting to read more classics as you can get them for free, but then I started commuting an hour each way to work. So I took up and Audible subscription and that was great!. I started to easily get through one book a week and bulked up my listening need with books on CD from the library.  Then I changed jobs and I’ve been busy and tired to read much.

It’s only been this last month that I’ve started reading real books again. However it is mainly before bed. I’ve lost the ability or desire to sit down at the weekend or on an evening and just read. I used to be able to do that and I wish I could now. But I find myself thinking I should be doing something. I feel guilty for taking the time out to become captured by a story and get lost in the characters. I want to get that back, so plan on making some time over Christmas and New Year, while the gym is only open odd hours, to take time to myself and read.

I won’t be able to read enough to top up my list, but I’ll do it for me to finish a book or two I’ve been reading for a while. I’ll also take away from this year that setting a book a week with my currently lifestyle is too much. I would prefer to read books I want to read, rather than read to meet a challenge. So I’m going to stop picking up books randomly and stick to my likes and loves when it comes to authors and genres. I’ll broaden out with bookclubs, but otherwise I’m going to read exactly what I want, even if it means re-reading books I’ve already read multiple times!

I’ve got a list of classics I want to read in 2014 and then I’ll add new and old books as I go along.

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