Adventures in Coffee… Whittards Christmas Pudding Coffee

This time of year brings out all the Christmas themed gifts and food and coffee is no exception! I found in Whittards christmas pudding flavoured ground coffee!


It’s pricey for what it is but I had to try it! It smells lovely and spiced, almost, but not as strong as chai. The downside is the bitter aftertaste. I don’t know if that is from the flavouring or the beans, but it is disappointing as I would love to love this coffee just because I am a christmas pudding fan.


I do hope the American style coffee shops start to appear in the UK. I would love to find a Peets or Stumptown, or even different good brands in the supermarket that do flavoured coffee.  I will have to remember this for next time I see a christmas pudding coffee as I’m sure I’ve had one before and found that it didn’t live up to expectations.

I’ll still be finishing this off as I bought it and in a latte it might lose some of the aftertaste 🙂


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