Adventures in Tea… Picton Tea Mumbles Christmas Blenc

My friend Ingrid gave me this last year and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner. I think Christmas came and went last year and I like to have Christmas things on the run up to Christmas rather than after it. I’m weird like that.



This is a caffeine free tea made form Rooibos with spices to warn it up and it’s amazingly lovely, especially on a cold winters evening. It’s warming and smells divine. I’ve tried it with and without milk and it really comes down to preference at the time. I liked with both, but sometimes having it without milk makes it feel warmer.


It’s full of colour when you put in your teapot. I think the blue is the thistle flowers, but I don’t know anything about flowers so please correct me if I’m wrong!


It steeped nicely and I would definitely recommend brewing for the full five minutes it says to bring out the full flavour and allow it to cool slightly before consumption.


This compares to the teapigs Red Winter Tea from 2011. I was going to get that this year then found this in my cupboard so held back. I did look to see if I could find this online, but couldn’t, which is a shame. At my new job we keep getting tasting in and it was tea this week from Attic Tea and I really want to try some of their blends!


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