Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks Espresso Christmas Blend

As it’s Christmas time there is the reason to visit Starbucks for their Christmas Blend. This year there were two options the normal blend and the Espresso Blend, so I decided to go different and chose the espresso for use at home.



It says it the same as the traditional blend, a different bean is used for a darker roast and I have to say I really liked it. It has the same flavours, but more intense, which I love in a coffee.



I am also a fan of the packaging. It feels christmassy going and buying this and picking up the red bag of beans, plus a lovely message on the side:



Opening the bag to lovely gleaming beans with a burst of smell that comes from a new bag. I need to find a candle that gives of the coffee scent, but haven’t seen one for a long time.



The beans ground nicely into a fine coffee for my espresso machine.



I have tried this so far as a latte and a straight espresso and it works well with both. I also had in my eggnog latte christmas shopping, but hat overpowered by the eggnog!



I love the run up to Christmas and buying this blend has become a tradition for me.

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