Adventures in Coffee… November Hasbean Coffee


November’s coffee was another one that would be too long to put as the post title – Nicaragua Finca La Escondida Washed Catuai.

I really enjoyed this coffee as both a pour over and a french press. I didn’t try it in my espresso machine though.  The label describes it as “zesty and zingy” and I would agree. I was surprised I like this one so much, but I think it was the raspberries and caramel flavours I liked most. There sharpness came from the lime flavour I would think and I thought it really added something different that I would not have normally chosen.

I made sure I watched the In My Mug video this month! I love Steven and his enthusiasm for coffee, it is amazing and a pure passion he has been able to turn into a career – my dream!

There is nice segment on the Nicaragua coffee industry. I have to say I didn’t know anything about this country (I didn’t even know for sure where it was and that is bad as an ex geography student!).

It was also interesting again to learn about the farm from where the coffee is from, like the different soils around the farm and therefore the varieties of coffee plant chosen. The Catuai varietal was chosen because is doesn’t grow high, which helps the farm as it’s in a windy area. It’s also a brand new farm, which is rare to see producing good coffees right away, but this one works because of shared experience from other farms.

Life is too short for bad coffee 🙂


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