Adventures in Coffee… Costa Salted Caramel Latte

I think this is my new favourite type of latte after a good old plain latte. It also helps it comes in a cute snowman mug 🙂


The salted caramel latte is a new drink for this year at Costa and it’s lovely. I first had salted caramel in Seattle last year, so it’s a bit delayed over here, but I’m glad it’s found it’s way across the pond. It’s not as sweet as the normal caramel, and is bit more like burnt caramel than salted. The big difference between this version and the one I had in Seattle was that there was no sea salt sprinkled on the top, which is both weird and lovely to taste.  If I get the chance to get another take away one I’ll bring it home and add my own and see if that improves it.

I do love this time of year and all the drinks the coffee shops bring out. I haven’t had chance to go to a Cafe Nero as there is no longer one near where I work. Also Starbucks haven’t brought any new ones worth trying out this year, but I will make sure I get my eggnog one in once. This time of year is expensive for coffee lovers like me!


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