Bromham Pudding Run 10k

Yesterday I completed my first ever 10k race! The Bromham Pudding Run, where instead of a medal you get a Christmas Pudding – my kind of race.

So of course I had to have a christmas pudding in my hair 🙂



It was a two lap course which left the village and went out through the countryside and back to the village. It’s a fairly flat route, which was great for me as I definitely haven’t gotten back into running since my half marathon and don’t think I would have handled any hills.


The first lap felt very hard. It was cold, so it took a long time to warm up, but my heart rate was increased very soon into the run and I couldn’t get my breathing right, which was frustrating. Each kilometre seemed to drag by but I kept going at a steady pace and anytime my breathing went off track I calmed myself down and eased off slightly.

The second lap felt a lot better even though the fastest runner lapped me towards the end of the course. I was hoping no one form my club would lap me, but right at the end the fastest man did, but he did cheer me on so that was okay. I kept plodding along and gradually passed the kilometre markers and got to the end. I even managed to overtake one person!


The marshals and spectators were fantastic all the way round – a huge thanks to all of them! They stayed out to the last person and seeing as this was a village race and went past lots of farm there were lots more people out than I expected. The marshals were well placed and cheered everyone on. They were all very encouraging, not mentioning time or who was in front or behind, just encouraging people to run their own race and keep going.

I came in with a time of 1 hour 10 minutes and 59 seconds and I am super happy with time especially after not training for it. I beat my estimate of 1 hour 15 minutes  by four minutes!


Then I got to collect my christmas pudding, which I haven’t eaten yet! Shocking i know, but I also got a head cold from the race and haven’t been able to taste anything since 🙁


I’m not great at race recaps, but I do go through a range of feelings and thoughts while running a race. I wanted to quit all the way round. I hurt and felt panicked with my breathing, but I talked to myself calmly and encouragingly too. I bribe myself. I scream abuse internally. I say never again. I smile and say thank you to everyone who cheers me on. I keep putting one foot in front of the other and remind myself that no matter how slow I am or how long it takes I am running the whole way and will get there. I sign up for the next thing.  I think back to when I had trouble walking a kilometre let along running 10! I remind myself of how far I’ve come both mentally and physically to get where I am. And I’m proud of myself and my achievements. Every event is a reminder to myself of how far I am willing to go.


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