Swimming Galas Results

Swimming Update!

The last few weeks have been swimming mad as the club champ galas run through the month of November every year. I signed up for a few races this year to re-baseline where I’ve gotten to and to set some goals for next year.

So what and how did I do?

200m Breaststroke = 3min 43 sec
100m Backstroke = 1 min 42 sec
100m Freestyle = 1 min 30 sec (forgot the exact time)
50m Butterfly = 44 sec
50 Breaststroke = 52 sec
400m Freestyle = 6 min 32 sec
800m Freestyle = 13 min 16 sec

My main goal for next year is to beat all my times by a little bit. I’m not going for huge differences, just a second here or there to show I’ve put some more effort in.

My other goal is to do the 800m Freestyle event with tumble turns. I did the 400m Freestyle this year with all tumbles but could not bring myself to attempt the 800m. So next year I want to do that!

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