Adventures in Audiobooks… The Book Thief


I finished this at the beginning of the month, but as I read it for bookclub which was this week I decided to wait to post about it as I like to include my friends thoughts as well.

I am not sure if I liked this book or not. In reality parts of it I did like and parts I didn’t. I couldn’t see where the book was going. I like journey books that take the reader with them from a starting point to an ending where something is accomplished and this book I didn’t feel gave me that.

It started off and pulled me in. I liked the narrator of the audiobook (every now and then I thought it was Benedict Cumberbatch, but it wasn’t). I also loved the premise of death being the narrator of the story. I also loved that Lisel loved books and reading and writing. I could relate to her wanting to steal books (I never have, but won’t deny it’s probably the item I would choose to steal), rather than food or other things they were short of during the that time. It showed me she valued something that could not be found anywhere else.

But from about 30% to 80% of the way through I was bored – well not bored, just not as engaged with it as before. Maybe it’s because it’s set during the war, which is a time I cannot even imagine and therefore found it hard to relate. It was a life journey, rather than an actual journey if that makes sense. I found I could probably have cut out a lot and still have enjoyed the ending. However I also realise it’s a way of showing how we interact and impact on each other in our lives, even the short amount of time we spend as children.

The ending was sad, but happy at the same time. Giving death the role of narrator gave the author licence to go into the future to show what happens to people. I like it when books do that. I have an active imagination, but I love to know how the author sees the future, which is probably why I love series over stand alone novels.

We didn’t end up having a proper book club this month, but the few I spoke to about the book really enjoyed it and also found it dragged a little in the middle. So overall this book went down quite well.

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