Adventures in Coffee… Hasbean October Coffee

October’s coffee from my Hasbean subscription was called El Salvador Finca Santa Petrona Pulped Natural Red Bourbon (and the reason why i didn’t put it in the blog title this time!).


This coffee was hit and miss for me. Some days I enjoyed it and other days it left a not so nice aftertaste. It was weird for me as I normally like or dislike a coffee. I prefered it with milk as it mellowed the aftertaste for me.

The label says it has the flavours of ‘yellow plums’ and ‘sweet yellow honeydew melon’ with a’banana aftertaste’. Overall a very fruity coffee and maybe that is what didn’t mesh with me.

I delayed writing this post as I kept wanting to watch the video, but I didn’t get round to it, so I’m posting my short review.

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