Small Things to look Forward To

I’ve spent some time over the last few weeks looks at myself and realising I need to be kind to myself more often and not see it as selfish. I struggle with this as have learnt over time to only treat myself when I’ve earned it and when I do the opposite I don’t enjoy it as much as I otherwise would. I want to get away from that way of thinking and I am hoping it will help me with my relationship with food.

So as I’ve started my new job I am incorporating some new routines and developing some new habits I can look forward to each week or month.

Every Week I Will:

  • go to a coffee shop on a Friday after work and get whatever coffee I want at the time and site and enjoy reading, writing or just watching the world go by to show I value the time I spend in the moment and relax at the end of the week.
  • accessorise my work wear with scareves, necklaces and shoes to show I value myself as I am.

Every Month I Will:

  • take a solo cinema trip to a movie of my choice to show I value my love of films and I can enjoy myself on my own.
  • choose a coffee or tea to try from a shop in the outlet to give myself choice and time to explore something I love.
  • go to a bookshop to browse and buy a book I can start reading then and there to sow myself I live in the moment and explore books guilt free.
  • visit somewhere new – like a National Trust property or go to a exhibition as a break from the normal.

I’ve made sure I include these in my budget going forward. I’ve made them not about food or other people. I want to be comfortable in my own skin as I am while making the changes I want to make to live the life I want to live. I want these things to be a consistent part of my life, not something I punish myself by not letting myself do them.

I still find it weird stating I need to be kind to myself, but we are our own worst enemies. I beat myself up so much that I know if I said anything like what I do to myself to others I would be a bully and expect to be reported. But I’ve decided to show myself a different side of myself and start on that path to loving myself. I don’t care if other people think it’s selfish anymore. I care that people like me for me and want to spend time with me doing things we love. I don’t have anyone to do these things will on a regular basis anymore so I’m building my courage and putting these activities back in my life even if I do them on my own forever.

I’m already looking forward to my first coffee shop visit on Friday 🙂

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