Adventures in Books… Weekend with Mr Darcy


I don’t read ‘chick lit’ very often, but every now and again I need something easy, quick and engaging to read, which usually guarantes a happy ending.

I scanned through my Kindle and found I’d downloaded a few freebies or cheap books last year and had’t read yet. I’ve also have an overhaul of my budget so am going back through everything I have and haven’t read before I buy even more new books.

This one looked fun and shared my love of Jane Austen. It’s set during a weekend conference, although I felt it was more like a retreat than a conference. Lots of ladies and a few men go for a weekend at a grand hall owned by a actress who shares the love of the Jane Austen and wants to share that with other like minded people. It’s the kind of thing I would love to go to, but also would worry i was no way as devoted as these people.

The main characters are Katherine and Robyn who want their own Mr Darcy’s to sweep them off their feet and take them away from their normal lives. In traditional romance fashion not everything goes smoothly.

I loved the premise of having a male author writing as a female author of Austen inspired fiction, who falls for Katherine and corresponds with her as his female alter ego. This leads to trouble and he has to win her back.

I love a good happy ending (sorry for the spoiler) and this gave me what I needed as the nights draw in and get colder and darker. It also made a change from my audiobooks and normal reads of fantasy.

This is a simple, fun book to read and nice way to incorporate a different take on the Jane Austen world.

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