Adventures in Food…Baking Cookies

For leaving my job I decided to make cookies to take in as I knew they would keep for a few days and with it being half term it meant people were off for the odd day here and there.

I decided to make two types the weekend before I left:


My friend Ingrid introduced me to the peanut butter cookies and I’ve made them a few times now and love them. I would recommend cooking them slightly longer than directed and also adding chocolate chips is a good option.

I foudn the banana cookies on the Pastry Affiar blog and thought they would be a bit different. I think if I made them again I would keep some bigger chunks of the banana chips, rather than make it all in to flour, to add a bit on crunch. Again I also needed to cook them slightly longer – maybe it’s my oven!

I made a batch of each and throughly enjoyed baking them. The new organisation I’ll be working for is very tea and cakes friendly so I might get to do more baking over the coming year, with new testers 🙂

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