Adventures in Food… October Foodie Penpal

This is my last foodie penpal for a while. I’ve taken a good look at my budget (and diet) and decided I need to cut back. I’m sad, but this was a an amazing parcel to end on from the lovely Tracey – a huge thanks for the goodies you sent to me 🙂


Tracey is from the lovely town of Saffron Walden in Essex and sent me a colourful postcard detailing the hidden delight of the Bridge End Garden, which is a restored Victorian garden.


First in my parcel were some yummy chocolate covered banana chips. I love these and I admit I ate them all in one go. I don’t buy them as they are one of my foods that I can’t stop eating once I’ve opened them, so they only survived the unwrapping of the parcel!


Next up was some also yummy chocolate drop – more like puddles as they were huge!. I could definitely taste the salt and caramel, but not the vanilla. But they were extremely tasty and a small something i would look to find to give as a gift.


This parcel fulfilled my sweet tooth’s dreams as also included were these fantastic chocolate meringues. They were crumbly and light and perfect on their own. I also tried them with some natural yogurt and that worked a treat. Another thing i will keep an eye out for.


It’s like Tracey could read my mind and picked all my favourite flavours. This popcorn was amazing! Subtle flavours of bacon and maple that combined into a savoury/sweet treat. If I can find this near me I will be making this my movie snack of choice 🙂

20131029-134732.jpgTracey also included some homemade green tomato chuntey. I ahve tried this yet as am going to save it for christmas to ahve with cold meats as I think it would go perfectly. Also i got given green tomatoes in my veg box this week, so might try to make a mini version as have no idea what to do with them.


Lastly I was given saffron biscuits, which I have never tried before. They were very interesting. Not too sweet, with a subtle (I assume the saffron) flavour coming through. These reminded me of some lavender biscuits I tried at Bath once. A different take on otherwise normal biscuits and I migth ahve to give this a go.

Like I said this was a fantastic parcel to end this year’s run of foodie penpals. I’m sure I’ll do another few months next year as it is a nice way of being introduced to new people and made new twitter/blog friends along the way. I very much recommend taking part for a few months at least 🙂

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