Why Do I Want to Lose Weight?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the last week or so. Things haven’t been going well with my aim to lose weight and I’ve been working out why.

In the end I sabotage myself. I over count the exercise I do and under count the calories I eat. I treat myself with food for feeling good or bad. I feel out of control.

In the end it all comes down to changing my lifestyle to an improved or udpated version, which is sustainable. I have to think about it like this as it is the whole thing I want to change, not just my relationship with food.

So I’m going back to basics and figuring out why I want to lose weight and change my lifestyle. What does it mean to me? What am I stopping myself doing? Getting to the bottom of this and keep reminding myself of it in times of struggle could help.

  • to fit into old/new clothes
  • to swim, run and bike better and faster
  • to gain confidence and reduce insecurities
  • to have the confidence to date and put myself out there
  • to enjoy clothes shopping
  • to get rid of weight anxiety
  • to have a better relationship with food
  • to compete in triathlons
  • to save money
  • to make new friends
  • to beat my 2013 gala times
  • to buy knee high boots
  • to wear dresses to work
  • to not hold my tummy in
  • so my legs don’t rub together and make wearig tight comfortable
  • to have more energy
  • to relax/be able to relax
  • to be more social and join in
  • to consider myself healthy and to be considered healthy
  • to be active for fun
  • to not care what others think

That is in no way an exhastive list I am sure, but it is still a big list. There are so many advanatages to losing weight. But somehow I let the advantages of not losing weight keep me where I am.

It’s simple for me – I need to reduce how much I eat.

I’ve got the fitness. I’ve got the what I need eat. I’ve got all the tools I need. I just need to do it.

So why do I want to eat?

I think that question needs a whole post to its self!

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