Less than 10 Weeks until Christmas

Where has 2013 gone? I am torn between feeling I’ve done loads and not done much. I need to get some perspective as thing kind of thinking gets me into trouble when I think I’m not doing enough.

Overall I’m really happy with my fitness. I’ve pushed myself to do things I never thought I would be able to do. I’ve worked out what I like and that I do need to shake things up every now and then. I like to have something to work towards, but also working towards too many things is not a good idea. I feel good about what I’ve done and am ready to put some effort back into the things I’ve missed doing.

On the other hand I’m disappointed with my weight loss this year. I’m not making excuses. It’s been purely me not focusing on it and putting in the effort it requires. I have learnt it requires effort and does not magically happen. I’ve also learnt that exercise does not and will not compensate a bad diet. I have to concentrate on what I eat to lose weight.

So that is the plan for the run up to Christmas.

This time of year is the worst for me. I love autumn and all the run up to Christmas. All the foods that come out as the weather draws in are very tempting. But this year I want to get to Christmas and enjoy those few days knowing I’ve worked hard to lose weight beforehand.

So I’m focusing on the things I know work:

  • Meal Planning
  • Tracking
  • Shopping Lists

For me those are the things that make me aware of what I’m eating and whether I’m actually hungry or eating out of boredom. I started on Friday and have decided to weigh in on that day ahead of the weekend in order to help myself during my struggle time. I’m switching to WW Online. I need the structure the plan offers, but I don’t think of it as a diet as it allows me to eat what I want, while providing the structure of portions sizing.

My goal is to lose a stone by Christmas and hopefully drop a dress size. My reward will be a new outfit for Christmas break.

I’m changing my exercise routine to move away from being running focused. I got back to swimming club this last weekend and enjoyed it. I also went to a Body Combat class and really enjoyed it. I plan on getting some more classes in, but keeping it all balanced and not trying to do too much.

This goes hand in hand with my goal to live well within my means for the next 18 months. I’m buying a new car in the New Year, so that will take a chunk of my spending, but as I won’t be commuting it won’t be too bad. I need to pay of my credit card and have the plan in place to complete that in 2014. Holidays will go on hold, but I plan on making the most of my new job and it’s benefits. I also plan on attending events held in the UK like, the London Coffee Festival and the Cheltenham Literary Festival, and maybe the Good Food Show. Basically things I can do as day trips. I’m thinking of doing one big(ish) thing a month as something to look forward to and budget for.

I feel I’m reaching a point in my life where I’m recognising myself again. I feel I’m connecting with myself. It sounds weird, but I do feel like I’ve been several different people over the last few years and I can tell you it’s a stressful thing. I’ve been working hard with my CBT and getting to a point where I’ll be finishing sessions by the end of the year in a place where I have all the tools I need to carry on my own. I have to say the NHS in my area have been fantastic. I feel I’m getting to a point where I enjoy being me again. I’ve been thinking back to when I was in my early teens and didn’t care what others were doing and not spending lots of time with friends and learning from it by picking up on the things I enjoy right now and making time for them.

I do get lonely and feel like the third (or sometimes ninth) wheel when with friends. I would like to meet someone at some point, but I’m not ready to give up my independence or solitude. It’s an area of my life I need to spend some time thinking about what I really want and then go for it.

I went a little off topic there, but it all links together in my life going forward. I want to spend the next year being happy with what I have, rather than constantly going for the next thing. I want to slow down and appreciate my life and the world.

I’m not sure how much detail I am going to go into about my weight loss journey. I’ve tried all ways haven’t reached the result I want, so I am just going to go with the flow and blog about it when I feel like it.

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One thought on “Less than 10 Weeks until Christmas

  1. 10 weeks? Surely not? Right I need to do things, sort out birthdays mostly, so I can panic about Christmas next month. Seriously nephew, mother, great aunt and best friend birthdays between now and Christmas, also two god children on NYE. I try and sort those out and then think about buying them Christmas presents after that and no they can’t have one that does both, that is banned by my mother, who hated it when she was a kid!
    I love your idea of getting through the months with a focus on you and I’m glad to see that all the work you’ve put into being balanced is paying off. Well done! I find menu planning is the best way to start thinking about how I eat, it also means I’m less likely to have ‘bad’ food in the house. My desire to eat cookies of an evening, normally nosedives when I realise I’ll have to make them first!

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