Adventures in Food… September Foodie Penpals

A bit late, but worth the wait 🙂

I got a parcel from the lovely Fikir who sent me a fantastic parcel for September. I love letters that include what people like about the foods they send and Fikir did not disappoint. I love trying out what people say they like and see if I find new ways of eating things – I like random combinations just for the adventure!


First up were raw coffee beans from Fikir’s family in Ethiopia! AMAZING! I haven’t roasted them yet as want to do it a day when I’m in all day to soak up the aroma and be able to use them fresh. Also Fikir says to eat them hot for the oven and also dipped in chocolate – too good not to try these ideas 🙂


Next up was a loaf of rye bread. I have to say I’ve tried rye bread on a few occasions and can’t seem to enjoy it. I wish I did as I love bread, but for some reason I just don’t like the flavour of this. I tried it this time with some jam, then cheese, then toasted, but found it better with soup.20131007-172658.jpg

Next up was smoked paprika. I love this stuff. I added a load to the batch of chilli I made at the weekend it was so nice. The chilli was hot, but gave off this great smoked aroma. This is also good on potato wedges 🙂20131007-172707.jpg

Fikir was also kind enough to send me a little book on teatime recipes. I love traditional cakes and pastries, so cannot wait to make a few things from here.



The date and cherry cake and the toffee bars are first on my list!


A big thank you to Fikir who put this together during a very busy time at her work. It was very much appreciated and enjoyed!


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