Adventures in Coffee.. Costa Toffee Nut Caramella

It’s autumn so that means all the coffee chains are bringing out new drinks to try! This year Costa has two and I’ve tried them both in the last couple of weeks 🙂

First up is the Toffee Nut Caramella, a variation of last year’s Caffe Caramella.



This is a nice smooth drink that is like a cross between a cappuccino and flat white. It’s also quite sweet with the toffee nut syrup and caramel sauce. It’s nice in a small drink, but too much it could be sickly sweet. Overall a nice drink with the nutty flavour from the syrup.


The one thing I wish Costs did that they do not, is to vary the beans they use. they use the same blend (at least I assume they do) in all the drinks and it’s also the one the now sell for at home. I would love to have coffee shops like back in Seattle where they do their own roasting and make their own blends so you can go in for actual different coffee, rather than coffee drink.


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