I am a Tough Mudder!


It’s taken me a week to want to write this post. I am so proud of myself for completing this event, but it was a lot tougher than I thought it would be for me and I’ve struggled to work out what I feel about it. It’s a mixed bag for me – high, low, happy, sad.

This was at the start – happy face!


Taking the pledge!


Just to remind you what you’re signing up for!20130928-204731.jpg

After the first obstacle – also the point where i lost my trousers. So glad I wore tri-shorts under neath, otherwise it would have been awful!


This was at mile 3 after the ice jump/bath. I wanted to give up. I struggled through the first 3 miles and then panicked in the ice water and had to be pulled out. I was so disappointed at this point. Disappointed in myself and scared about what was still to come. Somehow I kept going after this. A big shout out to Joe, who I’d only met the week before who helped me through and the whole way round the rest of the course!20130928-204818.jpg

This is where the course then went off through the forest and spectators couldn’t follow (also I can’t sneakily copy the official photos). So there were plenty of obstacles – monkey bars, buddy carry, log carry, 10 foot walls, climbing walls, crawling through tubs, crawling under cages in water, water jump, everest, mud, mud and more mud!

There were plenty of water and banana stops. Also first aid if required! This event was really well organised and one I would love to volunteer at.

I struggled with the running. I have built up for my half marathon, but had not done enough  HIIT trainingI  think. I felt sick at mile 7, but Joe forced me to eat a banana (probably the only time I have hated the sight of one). I had to walk loads, especially through the mud and up the hills. I also needed to do more trail running – the uneven surfaces were super hard to run on.

The biggest fear I had to overcome was that of being lifted/allowing others to pick me up – basically give my whole body weight to someone. This is something that honestly had not crossed my mind beforehand and getting to the first wall I also had a panic attack and just thought I would not do those obstacles, but my friends wouldn’t let me not try. Having always been a big girl I’ve been made to feel ashamed of my weight and haven’t been picked up since I was a kid, so allowing this to happen was huge for me. This is probably why I’ve delayed writing this post too. I felt ashamed during the event, but proud at the same time. Dealing with that mental struggle all the way round probably made it even harder than it was. Getting over the 10 foot walls by having complete strangers lifting me up is not something I’ll forget. Also having tried everest and failed then the guy with the microphone getting the guys on top to get ready and telling me exactly what I needed to do to get me in their arms was so hard, but I did it. I got the headband!

But I did it! I got through. It was mentally challenging in more ways that I expected. The team at the finish line – I was shaking slightly!


The view of everest from the finish!


The final obstacle to get to the finish line – electric wires and running through them!


Me at the end so happy to be sat down after 3.5 hours of Tough Mudder!


Me at the finish and cleaned up feeling super proud!


Me and my friend Sam, who I talked into joining me who went through her our journey and fears to finish like me!


My Tough Mudder headband has pride of place on my medal rack!


Bonus photo of my bruises for you 🙂


I honestly don’t know if I’d do this again. If the right team got together then maybe. I would train differently – more hill runs, circuits and HIIT. I would also want to have lost weight, just to not go through the mental fights again.

I would recommend anyone to do this though. If you want to challenge and push yourself this is the event to do!

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