Adventures in Coffee… Hasbean Costa Rica Finca de Licho Yellow Honey Vila Sarchi

This month’s coffee from Hasbean is the Costa Rica Finca de Licho Yellow Honey Vila Sarchi. I love that the name covers the origin and processing method. As I learn more about coffee I hope to be able to pick up on this without having to read first – a personal goal!


The description of this coffee include sweet honey, raspberry and melted chocolate. I definitely got the raspberries, but not the sweetness I was expecting. This isn’t going to be one of my favourite coffees. There is something about it that leaves a bit of an aftertaste on my palate. It been a great coffee to try. I don’t think I have tried a Costa Rican coffee before, so it was nice to experience it.

The In My Mug video and description tells me all about where the coffee is from and that it is grown 1500 metres above sea level – I love those kind of stats! There is also some background information on the family who grows the coffee, which I also love to learn about and am realising just how important these relationships between growers and buyers are. Also learning more about how coffee is processed and this one is honey processed (I wonder if this is what I found distinctive about this coffee) which is a water limited method.

I really enjoyed this coffee using the pour over filter cone, rather than my french press. Maybe it took some of the oil out brewing this way as it was less bitter. I tried it black and white and preferred it white as the milk mellowed it out a bit.


I do love trying new coffees and the best way for me to do this is to get a subscription. There are more and more services coming out, but I choose this one because they do a weekly In My Mug video to go with the coffees they send out and I love listening to them. It makes me take twenty minutes out when the latest coffee arrives to understand more about the coffee and where it is from. I highly recommend it.


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