Adventures in Books… The Serpent’s Shadow



“CARTER AND SADIE KANE, descendants of the magical House of Life, are in pretty big trouble. Despite their bravest efforts, Apophis, the giant snake of Chaos, is still threatening to plunge the world into eternal darkness. Now the Kanes must do something no magician has ever managed – defeat Apophis himself. No pressure there then.  Battling against the forces of Chaos, their only hope is an ancient spell – but the magic has been lost for a millennia. Will they find the serpent’s shadow, or will they be led to their deaths in the depths of the Underworld?”

I have finished a number of books in the last couple of weeks. I used only read one book at a time, but since I’ve started listening to audio books I’ve usually got one of those and a paperback on the go, plus I’m trying to read more non-fiction, so it all adds up!

This book finished the Kane Chronicles series and I quite enjoyed it. I didn’t get as connected to the characters as I did with Percy Jackson, but I still enjoyed it. I really like the Egyptian mythology and that runs through this series.

I loved the premise of someone shadow being one part of a soul. That meant in relations to gods it could be used to defeat them. Maybe it takes me back to Peter Pan and shadows being a part of you. I never really think about my shadow, but it’s always there. (I am now tempted to start taking photos of my shadow as a mini photography project).

It’s a simple series to read and good for not having to worry about remembering what has happened. By this book it has grown on me switching between the two main characters as narrators. I think maybe with the first book it was because I was listening to two different people read the book, whereas I read the book this time, so it wasn’t as noticeable maybe.

I also borrowed this book was the library and I love doing that. I need to get back up there to find some other books I’ve haven’t read yet and that I might not find otherwise. This might be a way to replace my loss of being able to afford to buy books whenever I wanted. I could just go to the library and take up to ten out each time and return them for new ones every week. However I always go based on how many I can comfortably carry back to my car 🙂

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