Weekly Review 11th Sep

My first weekly review. I’m not sure what these will be like, but I’m sure I’ll find a format as I go along.

I lost 2.5lbs this week at weight watchers. I was surprised as although I tracked my food, I didn’t point. I focused on just writing everything down and will move it on from there. I also focused on not snacking as much.

I’ve been crazy busy and also exhausted. I have felt sick quite a bit from stress and anxiety, but overall I have coped well. I know I haven’t been eating as much just because some days the thought of food has not been appealing.

Fitness wise I’ve had a great week:

  • Wednesday – Rest
  • Thusrday – Sports Therapy
  • Friday – Gym Strength Session
  • Saturday – 10.4 Mile Run
  • Sunday – Helping at a Triathlon then to the Gym for a Strength Session
  • Monday – Gym Run and Body Balance
  • Tuesday – Rest (Visited my sister)

I’ve also had a couple of interviews for job, which has been my main stress, but I’m happy with how I’m doing. I know the right role will come a long that will allow me to stop commuting as I don’t want to move and cannot continue the commute forever. It has slowly been taking it toll and I’m reaching my limit and having to catch up on weekends, which means I’m not leading the fulfilling life I want. If I could pick my current job up and put it in my town I would stay with it, but I have to put my health first.

I had a great CBT session and sports therapy session this last week. Both of which have been needed to sort though my thoughts and ease off the tension. Working on my core has been a big help with running, so I know I’m doing okay. I wish I was motivated to run more than twice a week, but I just can’t do it. I really don’t enjoy the long runs and that is impacting on my shorter runs as I just cannot be bothered to do them. I cannot wait until this half marathon is done and I can get back to swimming and shorter runs and hopefully less exhaustion at the weekends.

This coming week I’m going to continue tracking and start pointing things, while focusing on less snacking and instead proper meals. Slowly and steadily I’m losing weight and that’s okay. The long runs aren’t helping me and I can’t wait to get a new gym programme that will be tailored to lose weight with intensity.

Overall a pretty good week.

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