Things I Miss

I’m dwelling on things at the moment. There are things I miss doing because of time and money constraints. I want to make sure I remember them so I can work on changing things so I can do them or no longer miss them.

  • Going for coffee and sitting in coffee shops for any length of time either working or not.
  • Going to the cinema on an afternoon on my own or in the evening with friends
  • Browsing bookshops with the ability to buy books guilt free
  • Being able to spend money on socialising without worrying about finances
  • Doing exercise before work
  • Having time to go for walks that aren’t about exercising, but just wandering
  • Feeling a sense of contentment with who I am and what I do
  • Time and energy to spend reading for hours and hours if I want

I miss all these things. Some I have adapted to suit my current situation, but others I need to change my current situation to enable me to do these things again.

Sometimes it’s the smaller things in life that make us feel worthwhile and that life is okay. I’ve explained I currently feel stuck in my current situation and am doing what I can to change it. It’s stressful and frustrating and too easy to get pulled down into everything that isn’t going the way I want it to. So I am looking at the above list and thinking what I can do to, to do what I can.

I think my aim for right now if to get to a place I feel content with whom I am. Sounds easy, but I know it’s going to take work. I know this is where I need to get to. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop making changes, but they will be purely because I want to make them.

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